Dr David J. Quinn

BDS, MJDF RCS (Eng), PG Dip, MSc (Dental Implants)

Implant master degree qualified dentist & dental care

Leyland Implants
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Lowerbank Dental Practice

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Dr David Quinn
BDS, MJDF RCS (Eng), PG Dip, MSc (Dental Implants)


Digital imaging technology

Modern dentistry has evolved in terms of the equipment used to carry out diagnoses and treatment, and many practices like ours are taking advantages of the latest digital technology.

A commitment to using the latest equipment allows us to offer our patients the highest levels of care and reflects our commitment to providing the best possible service.

The benefits of dental imaging

Dental imaging technology enhances the experience for both the dentist and patient, allowing for more effective diagnosis and communication.

    • Results are immediate
    • A greater level of accuracy and therefore better diagnosis and treatment planning is achieved
    • Images can be shared with patients on screen for effective communication of results and understanding of proposed treatment

Digital Imaging Machines

Our top tips for looking after your dental implants

Caring for your investment is important to achieve the best long-lasting results and to ensure your new teeth always look their best.

“At Leyland Implants, we advise our patients to brush their teeth as normal as soon as possible with a soft-bristled brush after implant placement, but to avoid the surgery area for the first week. Brushing will prevent infection and stimulate tissue healing.”

“On a daily basis, it’s important to use special brushes designed to reach the area where your implants meet your gums, as well as interdental brushes and floss to clean between your teeth and your new implant tooth, bridge or denture.”

“We highly encourage our patients to attend regular annual hygiene appointments, so our team of highly trained therapists can give your teeth some extra care and a thorough professional clean.”