Dr David J. Quinn

BDS, MJDF RCS (Eng), PG Dip, MSc (Dental Implants)

Implant master degree qualified dentist & dental care

Leyland Implants
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Lowerbank Dental Practice

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Dr David Quinn
BDS, MJDF RCS (Eng), PG Dip, MSc (Dental Implants)


Patient testimonials

I would most definitely recommend implant treatment – the results are so natural and youthful. I was always scared of any dentistry. I am amazed and grateful at the outcome – David and his team have put the laugh back into my life!

- Mrs A Mottershead

I would recommend implant treatment, I am unaware that I have an implant, it is just like a real tooth. I would recommend David and his wonderful team for a friendly, quality and excellent service.

- Mrs A. Smith

Mr Quinn is a complete professional within his field who exudes confidence in his abilities and the results speak for themselves.

- Mr M Taylor

I was very apprehensive but the whole procedure was so professionally carried out. Everything was fully explained in advance, all staff involved was very helpful, friendly and caring. I would not hesitate in having more implants done by Mr Quinn.

- Mrs K Law

My implant feels stronger than my old tooth and matches very well with my other teeth. I feel confident in my smile again!

The treatment under David Quinn was excellent and I was/ am very happy with the result.

- Mr J Devine

The finished product is wonderful. The teeth look part of me and I have not had a minutes trouble with them. Even when I was going through the surgery I had no pain and little discomfort. I am not always conscious that I have implants and have to remind myself not to put too much pressure on the teeth at times. The way you explained the process to me and your "bedside manner" was reassuring and what I believed to be a painful experience proved not to be the trauma I expected. You spent a lot of time and effort getting the teeth right - I am delighted.

- Mr J Beardsworth

I had a denture for several years and found it uncomfortable to wear therefore it spent most of the time in my pocket with the loose change. My wife finally persuaded me to have implants. A friend recommended David Quinn to do the surgery. I didn’t know what to expect. I found the procedure absolutely painless. Implant surgery has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The implants look very in keeping with my own teeth and I am able to eat absolutely everything, even steak and crispy apples. I am now able to eat my food with no discomfort. I am really pleased with the results of the surgery. My wife likes to see my smile again (including teeth!!). She was so fed up of seeing my metal denture amongst the loose change going through the scanner at the airport – thank you.

- Mr M Jones

Dr David Quinn is a brilliant dentist in all aspects of dentistry and patient care. This is the dentist that other dentists go to when they have a problem with their own patients. If there is an issue with your teeth/gums, he will take the time to find the correct solution, every time.

- Mr P Hodgson

I would recommend implant treatment as the best option of securing dentures. The implants have secured my denture to the extent that often I don’t realise that it is there at all. I can now chew food better than I have for years without the fear of losing my teeth in the process. The implant technology was fully explained at the outset and I was given all the various options of treatment types available. Having decided on implant treatment, I received expert care and the outcome has been fantastic. I find Mr Quinn both caring and professional and I would definitely recommend his services to others.

- Mr M Walker

Mr Quinn is an amazing dentist. His calm, confident and ‘can do’ approach are all that’s needed to put your mind at ease. Having been my dentist for over 10 years I would trust him implicitly to recommend and carry out any dental treatment.

- Miss L Mason

David was extremely informative and the implants are superb. I can highly recommend David to anyone - Thank you so much for your excellent work.

- Mrs B Wilkins

Mr Quinn gave me a detailed examination to see if I was suitable for an implant plus a comprehensive written step-by-step guide to the treatment. The thoroughness of how he went through every detail of the process gave me great confidence. The procedure was better than I expected. The operation was expertly done and I experienced no pain or discomfort during or after the treatment. Everything healed amazingly quickly. The treatment I have had done under Mr David J. Quinn has been first class and expertly done. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone seeking implant treatment.

- Mr J Rogers

My implant treatment was much easier and less painful than I expected. An amazing method of replacing teeth carried out by an excellent, very caring practitioner. I was even contacted the next day to check that all was well. Excellent service!!

- Mrs J Birchall

David was recommended by my dentist. The initial assessment was very calm and relaxed. The correct amount of information was given. Mr Quinn was very professional and very informed. As a patient he put me at ease, talked me through the process, which made me feel confident in his abilities. Contacting me the day after the procedure was very supportive and reassuring.

- Mrs B Eccleston

To anyone considering implant surgery I recommend Mr Quinn for his expertise in this very specialised procedure. He has a calm and confident manner and an ability to put the most nervous of patients completely at ease.

- Mrs M Neimeyer

My implant treatment was an easy and pain-free process. Well explained throughout.

- Mr D Batt

My dentist recommended seeing David Quinn. I would recommend implant treatment. My implants feel just like my own teeth, they are so comfortable, they look and feel like my own. I’m very happy. If I needed any other implant treatment I would certainly go ahead with it and I wouldn’t hesitate to see David again.

- Mrs C Cross

I was advised to see David by my dentist as he felt he was the best person to do the treatment for me. The treatment was much easier than I had anticipated ! The tooth is secure and I often don’t remember which one it is. The treatment I received was first class. Everything was explained and, as a very nervous patient, I was treated so well. Nothing to worry about at all.

- Mrs J Cottingham

Mr Quinn talked me through the whole process and his manner and approach was such as to give me confidence in his ability throughout. I can say that I have been more than satisfied with his professionalism and the end result. I have found it entirely satisfactory, and my wife is now thinking of having an implant.

- Mr M Hart

My treatment has been a complete success, no discomfort or eating/ chewing issues "Thank You".

- Mr D Lucas

David was friendly, helpful and professional throughout the process which was surprisingly (to me!) pain-free. He was readily available to answer questions and even rang me at home to check that everything was fine.

- Mr D Sherlicker

If you have a palate and like me hate it, implants are definitely the way to go. I am extremely happy with my implant and very pleased with the look and feel of it.

- Mr D Calderbank

Following my implant treatment and can eat virtually anything I want and it is a permanent solution.

- Mr R Thompson

I was impressed with the follow up support offered, very professional and reassuring. I am happy in the knowledge that a first class job was done.

- Mr J Whiteley

David was recommended by my usual dentist. The implant treatment exactly followed the detailed report that was supplied prior to commencing treatment. The implant treatment was conducted very professionally. The procedure is virtually painless and cannot be improved on cosmetically. The implants are just like natural teeth.

- Mr S White

My own dentist recommended David Quinn as he is well qualified and experienced at implant treatment. If you need to have implants I would recommend David Quinn. He is meticulous in his planning and his execution of the treatment.

- Mrs J Sanderson

I would like to express my thanks to David Quinn and the team for their excellent efforts associated with my recent implants.

Not content with the prospect of spending the rest of my life wearing dentures I chose to make the investment which has provided me with six new front upper teeth. The implants are so comfortable that I cannot even tell that they are not my own natural teeth.

During the implant process I was kept informed of what to expect; the treatment was painless; and the team were pleasant and customer focused.

I would sincerely like to thank David Quinn for the improvement that the implants have made to my quality of life.

- Mr J Picken

David is very professional, with an engaging and personable demeanour. He was very honest in our discussions about treatments and the timely appointments made the whole process easily manageable – Thank You.

- Miss K Marks

I highly recommend David, he has excellent communication skills.

- Dr B Rambihar

I would highly recommend David Quinn to anyone considering an implant. If you are nervous about having implant surgery, go for an initial consultation when everything is clearly explained. During the actual treatment he talked me through every aspect of the procedure, and this, combined with the background music and general conversation at appropriate intervals, made me feel relaxed and confident. Out of the options available if I lost a tooth, this was the most expensive but the end result made it worth every penny.

- Mrs C Stableford

Excellent treatment throughout the process. I felt confident in the skills and expertise of Mr Quinn. I am not aware of having implants. I am now able to chew food again and have no visible gaps.

- Mrs S Kitto

Mr Quinn is a confident, professional and friendly individual who makes his patients feel at ease with what can be quite a scary procedure.

- Mrs S Harrison

David Quinn was kind, considerate and make me feel as relaxed as one can be having what is major treatment. I am a nervous and frightened patient but I felt I was treated with empathy and consideration. I had no pain at the time and have been totally satisfied since. I would not hesitate to recommend David.

- Mrs A Carter

The whole process and possible problems were clearly explained at the initial consultation. The performing of the surgery and end result were excellent. I am a very satisfied customer.

- Mr R Stableford